Y3 Looking back and forth 13/3/20

Friday 13TH  March 2020 – Looking Back & Forth in Year 3

Looking back:

Lots going on again this week! We have been working hard in History to learn about Queen Boudicca and what she was famous for whilst introducing more historic vocabulary like rebellion. We have continued to be journalists and our newspaper reports have been very well written this week with many almost finished published final pieces. We have got to grips with counting in fractions this week too, counting in halves, thirds, fifths, sixths, tenths etc and even in decimals. We have also cracked division with remainders so we’ve really gone for it in Maths! Mrs Cooper has helped us to explore the human skeleton and discover more about the essential food groups which has been great and Mrs Saxton has helped us to enjoy more about volcanoes.    

Year 3 – Pupils’ Highlights:

  • Fish n Chips for Friday lunch!
  • Division lesson in Maths.
  • Being introduced to Boudicca – The Celtic Queen
  • Zumba for Sport Relief and the music
  • Reading assessment Quiz
  • The fitness track
  • Swimming
  • Being with my friends
  • Planning for my charity bake sale
  • Newspaper publishing
  • The Mother’s Day Shop
  • The sunshine
  • Being with Mrs Sant
  • Everything!!!!

Family discussion questions:

Ask your children…

  • What is a rebellion?
  • Who is Boudicca and what is she most famous for?
  • Can fractions be written as decimals?

Looking forward:

Next week will be another busy week as we continue to present our work about Boudicca and we will be hot seating to explore opinions of the day. We will be introduced to myths and legends in our writing, continue with Fractions in Maths, practising our French phrases, looking further into our Science topic of Animals, including humans, skeletons and working hard in swimming. We will be testing our spellings on Monday of next week and look forward to welcoming the children to the Charity Bake Sale on Wednesday and Thursday – run by Finlay and Arthur!

Spellings:                                                       Bespoke Spellings:

accessible                                           prove                                             


flexible                                              improve

legible                                                 old

incredible                                           hold

horrible                                              believe

plausible                                            behind

changeable                                       hole

dependable                                       whole

breakable                                          beautiful

available                                            clothes


 Maths examples: