Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mrs Sant

How to login in for pupils:

Click on Classes – this is at the top of the page above the photos.

Click on your class.

Above the red banner you will see Student Login

Put in your username and password which you will have been given.

Your username is your first name and surname, all in lower case and with no spaces.

You can then see your own page with homework your teacher has set for you.

Welcome to the Year 3 web page! 

About Year 3 and our Home Learning Time:

As you are now aware, the school has been closed for the foreseeable future and we are now working and teaching the class remotely.  From now on, all Year 3 pupils will be required to access the school website by logging in under the “student login” at the top of the Year 3 page.  Should there be any queries regarding this, please contact me, however, the children have been taught how to do this. 


This is a new aspect to teaching for both families and schools and whilst we have done our utmost to ensure this runs smoothly, there may be teething problems.  If you have any queries, please do contact me via email – as staff, we do not have access to any of the social media set up for the class therefore please see the communication details below.  Thank you.


Teacher Availability

You may contact me via my school email address at any time.  As we are working from home, we will be available to respond to emails between regular school hours of 9:00-3:30pm.  Replies may not be immediate, but I will respond as soon as I can.  You may email outside of these hours, but please expect a reply the following day between the hours stated above.


Setting of Work:

I will be setting work on a regular basis for the wide range of subjects I usually teach in school. Some will be related to our learning so far and others may be research based work or practical activity. I will set activities which will be available on the Year 3 “Homework” tab and will post answers, where appropriate, for the children to mark their work from, following its completion. 


Where possible, lessons via PowerPoint or Microsoft Word will be uploaded for pupils to access.  Where specific instructions are required, these will be clearly stated on the website. I am also aiming to upload short videos to support learning where possible.


It is my expectation that all year 3 pupils will maintain the highest of standards in the work they produce both in terms of quality, presentation, spellings, handwriting, etc. and to keep a record in their books of ongoing scores (e.g. 7/10 for a maths task). Also, due to the children’s excellent progress made in reading, I will be sending two reading books home for them to read and hope that they will read regularly, any books or magazines they have at home.


When school returns, all tasks must be brought into school to ensure their learning has continued.  We do not – at the time of writing – know how long the closure will last, however, we are very mindful that we will still need to be able to assess our pupils’ learning in some way, and continued practice and learning is essential for their transition into Year 4.



Your child should have the following items in their pack:


English Tasks ~ Reading Comprehension, spellings, grammar and punctuation.

Maths tasks based on learning so far.

Science task, also based on their learning so far.

 Exercise Book

An A5-sized lined blue exercise book for any classwork away from the booklets which can also be used for calculations or English planning etc.


We shall aim to set a range of tasks: some will require the use of a laptop or tablet whereas other will not rely on electronic devices.  We would ask that if there are any queries, the pupils contact us via the “blog” aspect of the Homework tab, class discussion blog or – if emails are sent, that these come from an adult’s email address, not the child’s.


We are very sorry not to be spending the regular time with our class.  They continue to be very engaged in and thoroughly excited by their learning and I really enjoy spending time with them each day. The progress they have made is staggering.  This is something which we are passionate to maintain. 


Finally, I hope that you all are able to stay healthy and happy over the upcoming weeks and that I will see you all when schools return.  My class have been an absolute delight and I feel privileged to have been their teacher this year. Please do keep in touch.


With kind regards and the warmest of wishes,


Mrs Sant, Mrs Fairhurst, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Pacitto & Mrs Greene






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