Year 5 2019 - 2020

Mr Campion

Welcome to Year 5 

Parents and Families of Year 5

Remote Learning in Year 5

As you are now aware, the school has been closed for the foreseeable future. From now on, all Year 5 pupils will be required to access the school website by logging in under the “student login” at the top of the Year 5 page(instructions below).  For any queries on this, or any aspect of your child’s remote learning, please contact me by email. 

This is a new aspect to teaching for both families and schools and whilst we have done our utmost to ensure this runs smoothly, there may be teething problems.

Teacher Availability

You may contact me via my school email addresses at any time. I will be available to respond to emails between regular school hours.  Replies may be not immediate, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Setting of Work:

I will be setting work on a regular basis for the subjects we usually teach in school.  I will set work across a range of subjects. I recommend children log-in as often as possible for updates. I also hope to establish discussion boards for the children to communicate with me, and other class members.

I have sent home packs of English and maths work. The children have also brought home an A5 exercise book in which they can present their work. I have talked these through with the children who have been in school. Please remind them not just to work through this work. I will direct this and set tasks for the children to undertake from these booklets. I will also set topic work such as history, geography and science tasks. Obviously, I really encourage the children to be reading on a daily basis too.

It is our expectation that all of our pupils maintain the highest of standards in the work they produce both in terms of quality, presentation, spellings, handwriting, etc. When school returns, all tasks the children have completed will be brought back into school and handed in to me.

I will aim to set a range of tasks: some will require the use of a laptop or tablet whereas other will not rely on electronic devices.  If a child has a query, I would encourage them to post it on a discussion board. If emails are sent instead, please could it come through an  adult’s email address, not the child’s.

Below, I have included ideas about how the children might structure their day. This is only a suggestion which I hope they might find useful:

Before 9am: Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed, laundry in the basket!

9-10am: Walk with the dog (if you’ve got one!)

              Indoor exercises (try looking up: Cosmic Kids Yoga or 10 Minute Shake Up!)

10-11am: Log-in and check Mr Campion’s instructions on the class dashboard. Work on the learning tasks suggested.

11-12am: Be creative! Drawing, craft, make a card for a neighbour, baking, coding, painting etc.

12-12.30pm: Lunch!

12.30-1pm: Help wash up and have a tidy (including your bedroom!)

1-2.30pm: Carry on with more learning tasks from the class dashboard.

2.30-4pm: Down time! TT Rockstars, reading, puzzles, bike ride, walk the dog, play in the garden, help cook tea etc.

 And Finally…

I am very sorry not to be spending the regular time with our class.  This Year 5s have been an absolute pleasure to teach so far this year – they are a very special group of children. They are kind, caring and supportive of each other and I hope we have been a great team. This is something I am passionate to maintain.

I hope that all our families are able to stay healthy and happy over the upcoming weeks and I look forward to seeing you again when schools return.  Do not hesitate to contact me, all communication will be welcome.

With kind regards and best wishes 

Mr Campion

How to login in for pupils:

Click on Classes – this is at the top of the page above the photos.

Click on your class.

Above the red banner you will see Student Login

Put in your username and password which you will have been given.

Your username is your first name and surname, all in lower case and with no spaces.

You can then see your own page with homework your teacher has set for you.



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