Yr 4 Looking Back and Forth 19th March

Friday 19th March – Looking Back & Forth in Year 4

Looking back:

This week, the children have continued their English work on our new topic on the book Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann.  The children made predictions about the text using illustrations.  They developed their fronted adverbial work, as well as looking at how to write explanations on authorial intent.

In maths, we looked at short multiplication using 2/3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, as well as problem solving.  In the afternoons, we completed our double page spreads for the Digestive system and Europe.  We TTRockstarred for Comic Relief on Friday!  We also, completed keeping ourselves safe and remote learning surveys.  It was a busy week!

Questions to ask at home:

  • Who is Leaf?
  • What does matted, rifled and shunned mean?
  • Was does unforgiving and unkind mean?  What does the prefix un- mean?
  • What does ‘came to my senses’ mean?
  • What does ‘clucked and tutted’ mean?
  • What is an Outsider narrative?
  • What did you see in the news this week?
  • Who is Billy Monger?


Highlights of the Week

  • Europe double page spread
  • Digestive system double page spread
  • Multiplication in maths
  • Red Nose Day TTRockstars
  • Reading leaf
  • Lacrosse with Premier Sports
  • Being back at school

Looking forward:

This week, we will be continuing our work on Leaf, as well as looking at some other fantastic ‘outsider narratives’.  In maths, we will have a quick revision on division and then begin a new topic on Fractions.  In the afternoons, we will be looking at food chains in science, and start a new topic on electricity.  We will also be exploring a book for our No Outsiders work.

Homework in Year 4

Reading – daily at least 15 mins – remember to take the Accelerated Reader Quizzes

Rockstars – as much as possible 10 mins daily is ideal – at least once a week for 20 mins

Spellings  – Mrs Riddell – Please learn them for the test on Wednesday.  It is better to look at them for 5 minutes each day than try to learn them all in one night.  The children remember them better learnt over the week.

Maths–For Friday – should have been handed in on Thursday ideally.

English  - should have been handed in on Thursday ideally – if not please ensure it is ready to be handed in the first Monday when we return.

Could the children please complete their homework in pencil or blue/black pen not felt tip.

Century             - Assignments set through Century – can be seen at the bottom of the pathway page.

Timestables – for Friday  we are learning x10x3x9x6

(This can be handed it at anytime before Friday, the children know where the plastic wallets are)



Reminders for this week – Please check the weekly Newsletter for more detail

Children can bring in hand sanitizers for their own personal use. 

Nightly reading recorded in reading record – make sure it comes to school on Friday

Reading challenge has started – 20 reads in the reading record =10 housepoints

Please encourage your child to record their reading in their reading records.