Seven-Up Club

Seven-Up Club – A Positive Transition to High School

Friday afternoon Seven-Up sessions were introduced for Year 6 pupils a number of years ago, to help with fears about  transition to High School.  Originally introduced by former Teaching Assistant, Mrs King, the club is now run by Mrs Schurer-Lewis, who maintains the positive ethos of the original club, while exploring the anxieties Y6 pupils experience as their time at primary school draws to an end. 

The club is held during Friday assembly time, and usually consists of 4 or 5 pupils.  Every member of the class will have a minimum of 3 sessions throughout the academic year. Groups are keen to embrace the goal of seeking good outcomes from worries or fears they may have.  We refer to this as positive thinKING, in honour of Mrs King.

The club allows pupils to express themselves in a confidential environment (but within the boundaries of our Confidentiality Policy), while they relax with juice and biscuits.

We use a range of resources but follow the guidance in Moving On Up, to make sure each group have a similar starting point of discussions, but are able to take that discussion in whichever direction they feel best.  This allows for individual thoughts and feelings to be discussed.

Past Year 6 pupils report that Seven-Up is important to them and tell governors it is hugely beneficial to their confidence in leaving their primary school behind.